Global Disciple-making

We exist to make disciples of every nation by evangelizing every people group, establishing them in Christ’s church through baptism, and equipping them in His life and mission.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Edgewater church family regularly sends out fellow believers.  As with many members, we rejoice in the fellowship we have with our members. However, we rejoice all the more, knowing that by sending them out they are carrying forth the name of Christ wherever they go.

Jesus commanded that his disciples make disciples of all nations – therefore global disciple-making is at the heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. As a church, we pursue global disciple-making both locally and globally.
Locally, the nations have come to us. Two ministries are of note:

Global Maritime Ministries – We love, support, and partner with the work of
Global Maritime Ministries. New Orleans is home to one of the largest river ports in our nation, and seafarers from all over the world frequent our ports. My strategically serving seafarers and other port workers, we are able to make disciples of all nations. For more information about Global Maritime Ministries, please contact Edgewater member Stephen McKinney (

Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of New Orleans – UNO is located less than half a mile from Edgewater, and with over 30 nations represented among the student body, the nations are literally in our backyard! Through strategic outreaches, ESL classes, and apartment ministry in student housing, we are making disciples of all nations. For more information about International Student Ministry at The University of New Orleans, please contact Edgewater member Justin Baird (